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Trends in 2008

by Darleen R. March




Bigger is not always better.  Eco conscious home owners as asking why the space when this is all we really need.  Eco conscious is about taming the consumer beast, yet keeping the elements in their home to be comfortable, safe and a part of their personality. 

Homeowners are enhancing their kitchens with natural products of stone, warmer woods and durable products.  As food is one of our pleasures, kitchens with restaurant-looking appliances appeal to the popular upscale marketing.  Another popular item homeowners are adding as common place are wine fridges, as we explore the health benefits of one glass a wine at dinner, or the Mediterranean diets as such.



 Kitchens are becoming recycling centers today as more towns offer recycling to their trash removal programs.  Mudrooms and laundry rooms are a nice place to conceal recyclable bins. 

 Even in smaller spaces, comfort are expanded on.  Bathrooms have been adding radiant heat in the floors for the luxurious warm, and folks are no longer waiting for the partner to finish, but adding two of everything.  They’re installing double sinks, two shower stalls and more.  The older home owners are demanding accessibility with no-threshold showers.  The old whirlpool tubs are loosing popularity as taking up too much space and difficult to clean

 Making up for the lost of space inside, homeowners are enjoying the high-end back yard, and getting back to nature and enjoying our plant.  Family decks are not just little add on’s anymore, but will often have an outdoor kitchen replacing the outdoor barbecue.  Court yards and gazebos are being individualized to reflect the homeowners taste.  Budgets are being spent on the back yard for personal pleasure rather than the traditional front yard for show.

 Home are getting greener, and more environmentally friendly.   Smaller homes save energy; but the homeowners are also using more natural materials like bamboo floors which is a type of grass that regrows easily.  Triple-glazed windows may cost more, but homeowners are seeing the long time savings in their heating and cooling costs, so are demanding this quality. 

The work environment has also changed the homeowner’s needs, and where there once was a guest room, there is flex space to serve as an office where it is quiet.  Also, personal elevators are becoming affordable and being retrofitted to homes with folks with physical challenges, or the demands for at least one bedroom on the first floor is becoming a requirement. 

The open floor plan is still being enjoyed in today’s homes.  With everyone’s busy life, it is nice to come home and be close to the family, rather than nestled in individual rooms.  Some homes are being built without a living room at all, and merging as a “Great Room.”

Homes are becoming more eco friendly, but also homes are becoming a representation of the home owners.  Good surroundings feeds our souls and makes us happy; and when we’re happy, we’re healthier. 


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