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Inventory  #AC0437

Fort Montgomery Island Estates

Commercial Property at the Border!

International Trade opportunities are now available at Fort Montgomery Island!   The below lots are located in Rouses Point which sits at the Canadian/USA border at the northwestern edge of Clinton County, or as their Chamber quotes "The Gateway to Vermont, Canada and all of New York State."  Rouses Point NY is located 27 miles north of Plattsburgh International Airport, 185 miles of Albany Airport, 55 miles to Burlington VT Airport and 30 miles south of Montreal Quebec,  The location is excellent for commercial, industrial and resort development on Lake Champlain.  Lake Champlain is 121 miles long and cultural/sport activities abound.



Commercial Lot offering:


AC0437 - Lot #5


4.05 acres off Route 9B



AC0438 - Lot #6


2.52 acres off Route 9B



AC0439 - Lot #7


2.52 acres off Route 9B



AC0440 - Lot #8


2.00 acres on US Route 2



AC0441 - Lot #9


2.00 acres on US Route 2



AC0442 - Lot #10


46.0 acres



Lakefront Resort Island (AC0443)


8.1 acres on Fort Montgomery Island plus 86  deeded underwater acreage (deeded water rights), 6,900' of shoreline






Zoning - Based on a review of the zoning code of the Village of Rouses Point (Chapter 120), the subject property falls entirely within the C5 (Commercial 5) Zoning District. Permitted uses within the C5 district include:

  single-family residential
  two-family residential
  home occupations
  gift shops
  accessory uses


  nursing homes, non-profit recreational facilities
  gift shops, professional business offices
  personal service businesses
  retail uses, nurseries, night clubs
  campgrounds, hotels, motels, cabins, lodging houses
  marinas, restaurants, banks
  private schools, membership clubs
  childcare centers, funeral homes
  light industrial uses, repackaging of pharmaceuticals
  trucking businesses, warehousing and distribution
  research and testing laboratories



ANNEXATION AGREEMENT - LAND USE RESTRICTIONS______________________________________

The spatial requirements outlined in the recorded Annexation Agreement are summarized as follows:


Minimum Lot Size: One-quarter acre
Minimum Street Frontage:75 Feet
Minimum Front Yard: 25 Feet
Minimum Side Yard:10 Feet
Minimum Rear Yard:35 Feet
Maximum Lot Coverage:35%


Minimum Lot Size: 50,000 square feet (1.147 acres)
Minimum Street Frontage:150 Feet
Minimum Front Yard: None
Minimum Side Yard:25 feet one side; none other
Minimum Rear Yard:35 Feet
Maximum Lot coverage:40%


Minimum Lot Size:50,000 square feet
Minimum Street Frontage:150 Feet
Minimum Front Yard:100 feet on State Highways, 75 feet otherwise
Minimum Side Yard:25 feet - both sides
Minimum Rear Yard:25 feet -
Maximum Lot Coverage:40%

Aerial Survey

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Fort Montgomery Estate, Rouses Point, NY - For sale

Fort Mongomery on Lake Champlain NY now for Sale

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